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Personal Fabric Building: Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Earlier this summer James Derksen was in the hunt for a new storage space for his pontoon boat. After mentioning this need to his son-in-law, they started discussing the idea of a personal fabric building in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. Through his construction connections Derksen had seen his fair share of fabric storage buildings, and even noticed some neighbours with their own.

Derksen’s son-in-law recommended Cobra Structures, and we had just the solution.

“I just looked and thought that was the simplest, most cost-effective option and so I went with it,” said Derksen.

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Fabric Building’s Size, Overhead Door

Derksen already owns a metal garage, but the single man doors don’t provide enough space to fit his pontoon boat inside, and just barely enough room for his fishing boat. We agreed on a 24’ wide, 40’ long building with a 12’ wide overhead door.

fabric building overhead door storage facility Winnipeg Manitoba

An overhead door was a must for Derksen’s new building.


fabric structures pontoon boat storage Manitoba

Derksen’s building has space for his pontoon boat and more.

Derksen’s pontoon boat dictated the size of his new personal fabric building. The boat takes up about 30 feet when it’s on a trailer, which required the extra width of an overhead door. With the structure’s length, Derksen is also storing his large tractor, dump trailer, quad, and lawnmower tractor — with room to spare.

“I got a lot of stuff to store here, and it will come in handy,” said Derksen.

Benefits of a Fabric Structure

Derksen’s using the fabric structure, located just outside of Winnipeg, strictly as storage space for the winter but transforming the area into a woodworking space in the summer. It’s the first fabric building he’s owned, which came with some pleasant surprises.

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The natural light of our fabric buildings is a huge benefit.

He had planned to install lights, but the natural light of our buildings made it unnecessary.

“I just walked into my garage just now and I had to turn the light on,” said Derksen. “Even if it’s cloudy out, I wouldn’t have to turn the light on in this building, it’s quite bright in there.”

The only lights that hit Derksen’s fabric building were from our installers, as they worked into the dark to make sure he had his building up in a matter of a couple days. The dedication toward a quick install satisfied Derksen.

With his new versatile fabric structure, Derksen will be adding some unistrap and hangers to his fabric building for his wood projects — but only once he can take his boats back out onto the Manitoba lakes!

Final Look

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