Thunder Bay equine riding arena fabric structure

Marjerrison Equine Riding Arena

As life-long animal lovers, Lori and Bart Marjerrison care about quality time with all their pets. But living near Thunder Bay, Ontario means their winters get cold, and riding their horses outside in the later months can get quite chilly. Their solution was a brand new indoor equine riding arena, and so the Marjerrisons began their online search for such building suppliers. Cobra Structures popped up on their radar, and they soon were in touch with our sales team.

They quickly learned our equine fabric structures are the best option in the industry when it comes to year-round riding and training without outside noise or indoor echoing. This was high on the Marjerrison’s needs, as was a spacious interior without the need for artificial lighting.

Aerial shot of a fabric building equine arena in Thunder Bay Ontario

In order for safe indoor equine riding, we suggest our larger fabric building models.

Choosing the Right Fabric Building

They decided on a 72’ x 160’ Atlas building, which is perfect for a simple but large space with free span interiors. When it comes to equine riding arenas, 72’ is the smallest you want to go in width if you are an advanced rider.

The installation, spanning eight days, was smooth sailing from the start. Our team showed up near Thunder Bay on time and prepared with all the building materials. We instantly got going on a full turnkey install that stayed both on time and on budget.

Interior of our equine arena fabric structures inside in Thunder Bay Ontario

The client was extremely happy with the space inside their new fabric structure.

Customer Satisfaction

The Marjerrisons were thrilled with the openness of the fabric building and our employees going above and beyond their requests. They were 100 per cent satisfied with our professional service on their fabric structure.

Their new fabric building arena came with a 14’ x 14’ overhead door and a walk-through door alongside the front entrance. A base rail foundation with screw anchors and gable end vents at both sides of the fabric structure ensures the Marjerrisons have a durable, well-ventilated space for years to come — especially with the building’s hot-dip galvanized trusses.

Cobra Structures truck finishing a fabric building equine arena in Thunder Bay Ontario

Cobra Structures provides you with a quick and reliable supply, delivery, and installation.

Cobra Structures’ Mission

Our entire team stayed committed to exceeding the customers’ expectations through product quality and being on time and on budget. No matter the location or building size, we guarantee first-quality service like the Marjerrisons and their fresh equine riding arena received.

Final Look

Final look of a fabric structure equine arena in Thunder Bay Ontario

You have the ability to customize your equine fabric buildings, such as the overhead door size.


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