Equine Fabric Buildings

Re-Imagine Your Riding Environment

Construct the indoor riding arena of your dreams with a fabric building from Britespan. Ride and train year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Make every day a great day to ride without outside noise or indoor echoing. With the sound-absorbing quality of the fabric covers, outside noises are reduced and there is no indoor echoing, providing a peaceful, stress-free environment for riders, horses, coaches and spectators.

By keeping the ideal environment for horses in mind, Britespan fabric buildings provide a naturally bright interior, creating a shadow-free environment without the need for artificial lighting. The superior air quality and ventilation results in the consistent fresh air and the thermally non-conductive properties of our covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months.

Our fabric structures are available up to 300 feet wide and any length. There are no pesky interior columns. This allows you to maximize riding space and utilize as much space as possible.

The Ideal Choice

Britespan fabric buildings are the ideal choice for:

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Wide Open Spaces

The absence of internal posts means you can maximize the area up to 200 feet wide of space for your favourite sport, in a welcoming environment.

Bright and Airy

Our free-span interiors reach great heights with beautiful cathedral-style options for well-ventilated, bright and naturally lit building.

Low Operational Costs

Natural light eliminiates the need for traditional lighting during the day and the low maintenance structure means you can avoid high building operation costs and repairs.

Our Buildings

Apex Series fabric building

Apex Series

Maximize Interior Space

Atlas Series fabric building

Atlas Series

Traditional Look

Epic Series fabric building

Epic Series

Natural Light & Traditional Design

Genesis Series fabric building

Genesis Series

Commercial and Industrial

Our Service Area

Cobra Structures proudly serves the fabric building needs of businesses and industries in Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. Contact us today for detailed information on our buildings and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help.