Dairy Fabric Buildings

Strength You Can Afford To Invest In

Cobra Structures is an excellent solution for dairy and livestock barns. Our custom fabric buildings promote the health and well-being of your dairy herd throughout the seasons. In comparison to traditional wood or steel buildings, fabric buildings create the ideal environment for livestock by allowing in natural light and ventilation. The addition of natural elements that our buildings provide result in improved health for your cattle, an increase in milk production Britespan’s custom fabric structures will easily accommodate equipment needs to manage your dairy herd, like:

  • Robotic milking systems
  • Feed bunks
  • Eaves
  • Chimneys
  • Curtains
  • Varieties of door styles and sizes

With a fabric building dairy barn from Britespan, you'll keep you dairy herd healthy, happy and performing at peak production.

Top-Rated Alternatives to Barns

The overall health of our herd is the most crucial aspect of dairy farming. If your cattle are sick, then they cannot produce as needed. Britespan’s fabric dairy barns will exceed any expectation you hold concerning current industry standards. Our fabric buildings are customizable up to 300 feet wide and any length you require. What’s more, is they are entirely open. Our structures do not need any internal sub-structure to keep the building erect. This means no interior columns, walls or doors to contend with when managing your dairy cows. An open floor plan allows you the flexibility to design the perfect dairy barn.

We recommend our Epic Building Series fabric structures for your dairy buildings. These will have the look of a traditional barn, but all the benefits of a fabric building. Britespan fabric buildings are ideal for:

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Low Operational Costs

With a price tag that beats out traditional buildings and low maintenance costs, you can afford to invest in our structures.

Free Span Interior

Our free span interiors reach up to 200 feet wide and are easily extendable for ease of use and maximum storage capacity.

Bright and Dry

Our fabric buildings offer more natural light and ventilation than traditional buildings, to create a fresh and pleasant environment.

Our Buildings

Apex Series fabric building

Apex Series

Maximize Interior Space

Atlas Series fabric building

Atlas Series

Traditional Look

Epic Series fabric building

Epic Series

Natural Light & Traditional Design

Our Service Area

Cobra Structures proudly serves the fabric building needs of businesses and industries in Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. Contact us today for detailed information on our buildings and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help.