Our fabric building installation team

City of Winnipeg Storage Facility

Fabric building foundation types are a critical component of every structure. When the City of Winnipeg needed a tall, versatile, and portable fabric building for water and waste storage it became clear that a pre-cast concrete block foundation was the right choice for them.

The job site for our fabric structure installation at the City of Winnipeg Manitoba

Our installation team setting up the building’s foundation.

A local fabric building supplier called upon our installation services for this project, as we are based just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. With the City’s water and waste department operating year-round, a quick and proper installation service was top priority. To their liking, we erected their 55’ x 100’ structure in under a week.

Fast Building Installations

Our building installation was so quick for a number of reasons: the City of Winnipeg is a local client meaning no travel was necessary, and it was a simple process for us as we used pre-cast concrete blocks. This saved both time and operational costs — and that goes for any fabric structure installation. At the end of the day, a concrete block foundation is a stable, easy install.

The City of Winnipeg concrete block foundation for their fabric building for storage

The structure’s metal trusses are strapped to the concrete block foundation.

Concrete Block Foundation Install

First, we need to set the 5,000 lbs. blocks in the right spots, and once the steel trusses begin to go up we strap them to the blocks using a steel plate. With the blocks in place, the fabric structure gains some extra height and remains portable if it ever needed moving to another location. All materials also remain secured inside the fabric structure.

By exceeding the customer’s expectations on this install we’ve created a lasting relationship with the City. Since this project we’ve completed recovers and repairs on their buildings in and around Winnipeg, maintaining our promise of staying on time and on budget.

Final Look

The front of the fabric structures in Winnipeg Manitoba

The finished fabric structure that’s 55’ wide and 100’ long.

Check out some images of our installation process below!

fabric structure City of Winnipeg Manitoba

Our installation team inserting steel purlins to secure the structure’s trusses.


concrete block foundation fabric structures

Each concrete block weighs approximately 5,000 lbs.


fabric building trusses Winnipeg Manitoba

Our team ensuring the trusses fit properly.


fabric building customizations Winnipeg

The City of Winnipeg’s fabric structure has an overhead and walkthrough door.


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