Cobra Structures fabric building Calgary Alberta

Canadian Remarketing Group

We’re continuously working on building lasting relationships with clients and their communities, which allows us to serve companies like the Canadian Remarketing Group. After a representative in Calgary, Alberta contacted us with the idea of a fabric building photo booth for high-end vehicles and equipment, we knew the natural light of our structures would be the perfect fit.

The client wanted a structure that could be installed quickly and at a fair price, and most importantly a structure that provides a bright, clean environment. Quite a coincidence that the services of our Structures division checks off all those boxes.

Cobra Structures fabric structures in Calgary Alberta

This fabric structure has overhead doors at both sides.

Engineering the Project

We suggested a 32’ x 80’ Atlas Building, explaining that the open interiors and height of the building would provide everything Canadian Remarketing Group needed and then some. We quickly designed a fabric structure on a concrete block foundation and with two 12’ x 14’ overhead doors, got the client’s approval, and sent our crew on their trek to Calgary.

Custom Client Requests

Five days later, Canadian Remarketing Group had a fully-functioning photo booth to show off their valuable assets and for additional storage in the winter. Our team installed a sliding curtain in the middle of the structure to cut the building and half and make two areas for photos. We manufactured extra 6’ fabric pieces to slide on a wire, a unique feature of this fabric structure.

Cobra Structures fabric building install Calgary

The interior of the building has a sliding curtain in the model as a separator.

The client also requested this structure to look aesthetically pleasing on both sides, so our team put some finishing touches on the exterior. We ran a cable along the entire width of both sides of the building in order to hang a white fabric panel fixed to the concrete block. This feature made the end walls nice and tight, and covered the building’s trusses to make it pleasing to look at.

Cobra Structures fabric structures cover in Alberta

An additional fabric cover tightly wraps around the entire building for a nice finish.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team had to be diligent throughout the installation, as Canadian Remarketing Group runs an active yard with expensive vehicles moving in and out. Being aware of our surroundings in order not to damage any materials was of utmost importance for our installation crew.

By complementing this project, Cobra Structures proved we are capable of completing any building solution. Our team quickly travelled to Alberta to carry out specific requests from a client, and we followed through to serve their exact needs.

Final Look

Cobra Structures fabric buildings in Calgary Alberta

The finished 32’ x 80’ Atlas building in Calgary, Alberta.


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